Category: Freshwater Biology, Limnology

Desmids of the Lowlands : Mesotaeniaceae and Desmidiaceae of the European Lowlands

Desmids of the Lowlands


Algal species and in particular desmids are important indicators of…
Ponds and small lakes : Microorganisms and freshwater ecology

Ponds and small lakes


Ponds and small lakes support an extremely rich biodiversity of…
Freshwater Fishes of Texas : A Field Guide

Freshwater Fishes of Texas


Containing habitat information, physical descriptions, photographs, and range maps for…
Limnology : Lake and River Ecosystems



Limnology is the study of the structural and functional interrelationships…
Freshwater Algae : Identification, Enumeration and Use as Bioindicators

Freshwater Algae


This is the second edition of Freshwater Algae; the popular…
Energizing Water : Flowform Technology and the Power of Nature

Energizing Water


The poor quality of water, as well as its restricted…
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